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What is Power of Email?

Power of Email is a mass email software, bulk email marketing service and mass email server provider. Unlike other Email Service providers (ESP) we have more relaxed policies for sending bulk email offers. You can use our shared bulk email account or own a dedicated mass email server with multiple IP addresses. Power of Email does not restrict you on the number of contacts you can have in your account. You can upload unlimited leads.

How many contacts can I have in my account?

Every Power of Email account comes with unlimited contacts. It means there is no limit on the number of contacts you can have per account.

Can I import my own lists?

Yes you can. When signing up an account, you will be asked whether you want to run your account in single option mode or double option mode. If you choose Sign Optin during signup process, you will have import option inside your account login and you can import as many contacts as you like. However, note that the quality of data is your responsibility and if it produces a lot of complaints or bounces your deliverability might suffer.

Do you offer dedicated mass email servers?

Yes, we are the only Email Service Provider offering fully owned dedicated mass email servers. Key features of our dedicaed mass email server are
a) Very fast and reliable hardware with SSD drives and up to 64GB RAM
b) Maximum up to 255 class C IP addresses
c) Fully configured for top email delivery with tools like SPF, DKIM, DK, Sender ID
d) Round the clock monitoring and spam abuse handling
e) BlackList removal and Inbox delivery services included.

What is definition of Good data for import?

In our opinion, data that has less than 5% bounce rate and less than 1% complaints rate is considered to be best quality data .

What are your deliverability rates?

We maintain 95% deliverability for all double option accounts across all major ISPs including yahoo, aol, gmail and hotmail.
Deliverability of single option accounts is dependent on the quality of your data. If you produce high quality data, you can expect 90% delivery rates however for bad data it can be 60% to 70%.

Do you sell email lists?

No, we do not buy, sell or barter any email lists. Getting data that targets your market is your sole responsibility.

What if IP gets blacklisted?

We have a very skilled whitelist team working day and night in the background to remove all IP address blocks and blacklistings. We contact these ISPs and blacklist services on a daily basis to apply for removal. Usually, all removals are processed instantly so your campaign will not be suffer.

How many IP addresses will I get for sending mails? And will IP addresses rotate?

We provide dedicated IP address for every account that sends more than 100K emails per month. Also, we provide multiple IP addresses, for all high volume senders and provide IP address rotation. This way if one IP gets a bad reputation, mails continue to deliver through other IPs.

Will my account ever be shut down for spam?

We do not encourage spamming and advise you to use best mailing practices and grow your own pure double opt-in lists. However, we understand that even with double optin lists, you will get some complaints. Our spam complaint tolerance level is 10X better than other ISPs, and we will never shut down your account as we understand it is an important part of your business.

What kind of websites/products are prohibited to be promoted through BulkResponse?

Following are prohibited products list
Adult, Pornography, sex & nudity
Violence, hate and racism or Religious Persecution
Drugs, weapons and any other illegal/criminal activity of any kind
Online Pharmacy, viagra etc
Violation of Digital Copy rights including selling illegal music, video or software CDs that violate Copy Right laws
Terrorism or terrorist related activities

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your account any time by sending a support request through our Customer Helpdesk.